Why is it important to use Natural body lotions and creams

Why Should We Choose Natural Skin Care Products?

We all use several skin and body care products on our bodies. Much of what we put on our body is absorbed into  the body. So the products that are made from harmful Synthetic ingredients cause problems with our body’s immune system and our bodies detoxification.  These chemicals can remain stored in the body for long periods, even years.

We need to be mindful of the harm to our health that can be caused by Synthetic cosmetics, not just to us but also to our ecosystem and environment.

When we use Natural Body lotions and creams on our skin we know that usually there there should not be any side effects. This purely due to the fact that most of the ingredient’s are naturally grown.

How To We Choose Safe Natural Skin Care Products?

While it is always difficult to determine the Trueness of a product there are a few points that you can use as a guide for choosing a safe product.

They are:

  • Herbal skin care merchandise composed of various sorts of parabens, may additionally nonetheless be unsafe. Natural substances too also can be poisonous to us. Be aware that the product needs to be tested for some time, to determine its effectiveness and its toxicity.
  • Do you research and read comments on the product.
  • Research the ingredients and the possible harmful side effects.
  • And lastly ” if the ingredient is a word not used normally like ‘Octyl Salicylate’ or is hard to pronounce, you can bet that is a manufactured Synthetic chemical and also a manufactured word! DON’T TOUCH IT!

Protecting your Skin with Natural Body Creams and Lotions


Do you have a very fair body like mine? My ancestors were from Gaelic Ireland and I inherited the accursed fair skin from them. I say accursed as I have felt disadvantaged when I was younger in not being able to be out in the sun too long. That was until I came across a way of protecting my body with natural body creams and lotions.

After countless trials of UV products, I came to understand how damaging the so called everyday sunscreen products are to our bodies. They all are composed of various chemicals which, while protecting the skin from UV rays, the chemical is easily absorbed by the skin, thus tending to damage the body from the toxic buildup.

The Damaging Chemicals

The main culprit is a Chemical  called Homosalate. It is used in most sunscreens.

Another chemical commonly found in sunscreens is Octyl Salicylate It absorbs UV light, protecting the skin, and because it’s made with a fatty alcohol, it also has an emollient property, making it more water resistant.

Oxybenzone is a penetration enhancer, which is a chemical that enables other chemicals to penetrate the skin.

Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane is a synthetic product which does protect the user for UV rays but there are detrimental effects. It causes skin rashes, allergic reactions and inflammation; B-MDM’s questionable stability in the sun means it may break down into chemicals that inhibit the skin’s natural defences against sunlight, leaving it more vulnerable to skin cancer and premature ageing.

These are just a few of the chemicals in sunscreen, and this has what inspired me to make you aware of the damaging effects of synthetic sunscreens as against Natural Body Creams and Lotions with natural essential oils, that do not damage the body. When I was applying these sunscreens when  I was young, I always noticed how my skin seemed to be very dry. The absorption of the chemicals in the sunscreens indicates how damaging they were then.

Are there any Sunscreens sold that do not use these chemicals?

Yes, there are many Sunscreens derivative of minerals like Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide.

Too many major suppliers of synthetic products have never tested their products over prolonged periods of time and so have never proven them to be safe. I believe we are now suffering from the aftermath of this lack of thought for the public, and the deteriorating of our overall health. Drug companies and the like have shown they only concern themselves with making a profit for their company and shareholders, and are happy to supply drugs knowing that the only ultimatum is for the user to continue using them, and even having no alternative than to increase the doses just to be able to survive. They do not concern themselves that they have no Permanent cures, just Temporary alleviation’s.

What is the Solution?

Well, I believe we should seek to look to natural ways using Natural God-given herbs, flowers to find ways to live. Nature has a way of repaying for Goodness done, and it is time that we focus on Doing good not bad. Essential Oil based products using 20 to 50 SPF rated Raspberry Seed oils, or  Wheat Germ oils (20 SPF) and even Pomegranate Oil (20 SPF)  are the most effective and they have other properties.

They also help to rejuvenate the skin rather than damaging it when you use synthetic products. Absorbing the oils into our bodies is natural and is not harmful to our bodies.


Due to the Sun’s UV rays becoming stronger we need to be mindful of the damage caused if our skin is exposed. While we can cover up and prevent the rays from getting to our skin, this is not always practicable. For instance: Going swimming on the beach, working at a construction site, mowing the lawn. Yes, we should cover our bodies with clothes as it is not very polite to go out in public with no clothes.

Seriously though, our extremities; such as hands face ears and legs or toes need to be covered also. We don’t usually cover these unless we are in a cold area, and this is then where the sun’s rays will not worry us. But when it is hot and sunny we need to cover our extremities as well as our skin. The obviously easy and more comfortable way is by applying sunscreen to our skin. So it is always better to use sunscreen on our skin. So we should just be mindful of the detrimental effects of the synthetic sunscreens and opt for more natural sunscreens that won’t damage our bodies.

So dont forget to coverup!


NATURAL BODY SKIN CARE-Healthy Products for a Healthy Body



We believe that it is important to understand how, by applying creams and lotions, human skin can be damaged or rejuvenated. Our aim is to give you some guidance on what you need to be aware of when you decide to apply Natural Body Skin Care to your Body. This will give you some insight into what creams and lotions would be better for your skin.

About Our Skin

Did you know that our Skin is the largest organ in our body? In fact it is close to 2 square metres in area.Our skin colours vary due to a pigment called Melanin and every day 500 million cells are shed from our body. We believe it is important for you be aware of this when it comes to using natural body skin care products, as it is most important to take care of your skin.

Our skin has many important functions:

  • It stops water from entering our body
  • It reduces our loss of water
  • It protects our body from infection
  • It helps regulate our body temperature
  • It produces our vitamin D for our body
  • It protects us from damage by ultraviolet light rays
  • It contains cells that are part of the immune system
  • It allows excess water (perspiration) to be expelled through the pores
  • It allows some Medicine and cosmetic chemicals to enter
  • It creates Melanin which gives us the colour in our skin.

So what can we do to protect our skin?

If we use skin care products that offer ultraviolet protection, we can help  keep our skin looking fresh and youthful. We should use sunscreen 30+ every day and then reapply regularly whenever we are outdoors for any extended periods. Of course, sunscreen only protects our skin from the suns rays, and does not stop our skin from drying out.

That is why we should use the correct moisturising creams or lotions for our skin, preferable those with coconut oil, ceramides or hyaluronic acid. Of course natural body skin care produced products are more suitable than the synthetic creams and lotions..

Are there Other ways we can look after our skin? 

We can wash our face daily (2 times or more) with warm water and a mild cleanser.

  • Daily Use our fingers to massage our face.
  • Make sure we rinse off all soap or dirt from our skin.
  • It is a good idea to pat the skin dry- not rub with a towel before applying moisturiser.
  • Most importantly, drinks lots of fluids and always have short lukewarm showers. Prolonged coverage with water dries out and removes oils  from our skin.
  • As our skin is an Organ, a healthy diet is a component for a healthy skin.
  • Believe it or not, Smoking ages our skin, and wounds take longer to heal.

The best ways to care for our skin is by applying a Cream or Lotion

Our diffferent skin types determine the characteristics needed in Natural Body Skin Care Lotions and Creams.

They are:

  • Oily skin being shiny, normally has large pores, but it usually ages better.
  • Combination skin type is oily on forehead, nose and chin, but dry on the cheeks.
  • Dry skin usually feels tight, being noticible with visible fine lines around the eyes and forehead.
  • Sensitive skin will flush easily and often reacts to creams with stinging or burning sensations and rashes.
  • Normal skin has a smooth and even texture, and it is never oily or dry, tolerating most skincare products.


As our skin is our largest Organ and we cannot function without it, It makes sense to take great care of it. Natural body skin care will always be the most effective and less potential damaging products to apply to our skin and the most important criteria in deciding what types of creams and lotions are to be used, is in determining a person’s skin type.