What is the difference between Creams and Lotions?

The main difference between lotion and cream is that lotions have more water in them. Lotions are a mix of water and droplets of oil.

They usually are weigh lighter than cream, and are not greasy.

On the other hand, Creams are thicker  than lotions and this will give protection to stop our skin from being dehydrated.

So which are better to use? Creams or lotions?

When it comes to taking care of the body, using Lotions on your face can be a hazard to you as they usually have fragrances added and are thicker. This can cause problems with your skin and eyes. If you have Dry skin, Lotions are better for you, especially during the hot days. Lotions, because of their water content are absorbed better into dry skin. They usually come with a pump.

However Creamsare usually used to prevent our skin from becoming dry and cracked by keeping it soft and moisturised.

When using Natural skin care cream, the product is thicker in consistency than lotions and this provides a barrier that maintains hydration for your skin. Creams are  usually sold in a small container or jars because of the viscosity. Also, as Creams are thicker and oilier  you need to apply much less of the product generally.

When is it best to use the Skin care products?

During our hot summer days  and night it is best to use Lotions, because their high water content assures that your skin is kept hydrated. Also, if you live in a high moisture climate, Lotions are better.

Creams, especially natural skin care cream, are usually used more in the winter or colder climates, especially where there is less moisture, and with regular application these tend to nourish and deeply moisturise dry skin.


If you have an oily skin, then Lotions are better for you as the thinner product will penetrate your skin better and also help with preventing your pores in your skin form being clogged up. Lotions are also better for Acne due to being able to penetrate your skin better.

Creams are much better for your dry skin, as they lock moisture in by providing a protective layer to keep the skin moisturised and soft.

Whichever you choose to use, it is better to use Natural skin care cream or Natural skin care lotion as they are less damaging than Synthetic moisturisers.


natural body creams and lotions

What are Natural Body Creams and Lotions?

When we apply creams and lotions of synthetic value to our bodies, we are using unnatural remedies. This due to one plain fact that these synthetic products have never been tested for longevity.

What I mean by that is, they might test them on animals for 10 – 20 years but we know that some symptoms of allergies and illnesses do not surface for much longer than that. Now we know there are many ‘tried and true’ Chinese and Japanese remedies that have been used for hundreds of years, and they use natural herbs that have been shown to have the curing properties. These recipes have been passed down through generations and are known withing the communities. Even in Western countries like mine in Australia, we have natural remedies for certain ailments.

So Why Should We Natural Products?

Our bodies are fragile when it comes to ailments, and most humans don’t have such a high tolerance to pain or discomfort. In fact, we believe it is our right to be as less pain-free and as much comfort as is able, due to the tremendous improvements in identifying causes of sickness in humans. However, we need to be mindful that, most businesses are focused on making a profit, and less puts a lot of pressure on them to perform; ie. have a product that improves a circumstance. Of course we love it if it does, but if we use it and we receive side effects days, weeks or years later, we then realise we should waited until it was proven to not damage our body.  Natural herbs have been consumed for thousand of years so we can be assured that they are safe.

What Should we watch for when supposedly buying natural Body Creams and lotions?Doctor woman scientist making herbal medicine in lab with herb l. Eaves vitamin supplements mineral alternative treatment research stock images

Unfortunately there are many people that sell 2nd grade or diluted products. Using excess water, oils or perfume agents to extend the longevity and expand the bulk of their products. This leads to, firstly a weaker product, secondly the additives can make the product more toxic to humans, and thirdly it creates the premise that there could be side effects.

I always look at the ingredients label of products as it gives me an indication of how natural the product might be. A really good indication is to notice if any of the ingredients is made up of products that are very hard to pronounce. Remember, ‘There is Nothing New under the Sun’, so, if it is any word that you do not recognise, it means that it has been made up and there by is synthetically made. I also look for mentions of preservatives as these are also mostly synthetic in nature. Another bad thing is some companies at colour for aesthetic reasons. Sometimes the added colour combined with other elements can be very harmful. Of course, one main reason why people buy the synthetic products is that they are quite often much cheaper than the natural products. But this should indicate as natural products are made with ‘tried and tested over thousand of years herbs’ it denotes a quality that could not be equalled by the large Synthetic manufacturer.


If we wish to take care of our bodies and live a long life, our first priorities should be to vigilant of what we put on our body skin. It is the largest organ of our body so has to be the most important.

If we are careful what we put on our skin, we can live safely knowing our vital organs, heart, lungs, and liver are secure and we will live a long life





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